Recurring legal advice

Management of individual employment relations

  • Negotiation and drawing up of employment contact
  • Modification, suspension and termination of employment contract

Management of collective workplace relations

Counsel and support in

  • Elaborating company’s charters
  • Negotiating collective agreements and bargaining
  • Mass layoff procedures

Management of national and international mobility

Specially designed counsel to assist expats and seconded staff relocated in Spain and to provide them with a better legal protection and optimization of their international career:

  • Complete review of employment contract (expatriation, secondment, local contract)
  • Assistance in negotiating changes in employment contract (e.g. transfer to a local contract)
  • Prevention and mitigation of possible risks and conflicts when relocating in the country of origin
  • Counsel and representation of Spanish expats and Spanish employees relocated abroad

Management of individual and collective conflicts

  • Disciplinary sanctions
  • Single and multiple redundancies
  • Collective disputes
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